Complete set of two Norton lightweight pistons 750 to 1007cc. Wiseco, JE, & Gibtech


1/3 lighter than stock items, Kit includes rings, clips and .708″ DLC coated pins. Smoothing out the vibes and reducing stress on the motor is the best thing you can do for your Norton. 750cc = 185 grams. 850cc = 205 grams, 920cc = 240 grams and 1007cc = 240 grams. Street bikes are more pleasant to ride and racers have a new advantage.  A drop in kit with no modifications except that Hi C.R. motors with bores greater than 78.5mm will need larger diameter combustion chambers. These must be combined with our longer rods (more info). Crank rebalancing is not required (balancing).  Highest quality Wiseco, JE and Gibtec brands available.

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