Complete set of two Norton Ultra Hi CR domed pistons 750 to 920cc. For JSM longer rods.


These JE domed pistons to give you approx 11.3:1 C.R. for 750cc long strokes and 750 shortstrokes (more info). 73mm = 185 grams. 77mm = 210 grams. FOR RACING FUEL ONLY.  A drop in kit compatible with all types of cylinders.  No modifications necessary except that bores greater than 78.5mm will need larger diameter combustion chambers. Includes rings, clips and .708″ DLC pins. Must be combined with our longer rods. Not recommended for 850s and up unless using alcohol (approx 12.5 to 13:1 C.R.). 81mm may be special order. Crank rebalancing is not required (balancing info).  Domed short stroke pistons for factory fully hemisphered big valve heads available on special order.  These are the lightest, highest quality domed pistons you can buy for your Norton. Add TiN (titanium nitride) top ring coating to avoid vertical stripes on Nikasil coated Molnar alum wall cylinders for an extra $79 charge (order ring coating here).  

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