JS Motorsport Photo Gallery

John Snead roadracing in “Bears” class with JS2 cam kit

Jean’s John Player racer with JS lightweight pistons and longer bushless rods

John Martins Seeley with JS long Carillo rods and lightweight pistons.

Guy Wongs 850 with JS long Carillo rods, lightweight pistons, JS carbs, Beehive spring and valve kit. “Best in the show 2015”

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the parts I got from you and the performance of my bike. I brought 850, 10.5:1 C.R. light weight pistons with longer Carrillo rods, beehive springs with black diamond valves, 33mm smooth bore Keihin carburettors, complete stage 1 cam kit with lifters and pushrods. The bike is just magnificent and I am really happy with it. I use it for road use and the motor just whips along.”


“I went with Jim’s Stage 1 kit…JS Kit included Carillo rods, light pistons , gapless rings his BSA followers…all lightened and balanced to work properly, all of his gaskets and without a doubt it is the smoothest free reving Norton I have ever experienced.” Zefer .


“The complete CRS 33 carb kit arrived today. I read through your instructions and it took me less than an hour to install them! The bike started first kick with half choke from stone cold and settled into the smoothest idle I have ever had…The JS2 camshaft, complete beehive spring and valve kit with BSA lifters along with the lightweight con rods and pistons have transformed this combat! It’s a pleasure to ride. Thanks again for the great service and quality parts.
Cheers .” Paul.

“I’m really happy as to how it ended up. It looks quite standard, but it has your lightweight conrods, pistons, JS1 camshaft kit, mated to a Maney crankshaft and cylinder head. .. lots of fun to ride, it’s developing over 70HP at the rear wheel.”  Phil Adams

Jean Pierre’s rare custom built Roland Zerchot frame with JS pistons and long rods. 

Both these 750 beauties are owned by Michael Haynes in Australia and both sport smooth running JSM lightweight pistons and longer rods. 

I want to say that I am very happy with the parts I bought from you 4-5 years ago
Pistons and rods, JS0 camshaft and valve lifters, carburators, totalseal gapless rings. Everything is still perfect. It is strong and stable and runs like a modern cycle. Vidar

Randy Johnson does it again with another landspeed record. This time at El Mirage in the 750cc M-PG class at 126.907mph.  “Had some corrosion issues in the ignition connections so it didn’t run clean on the top end.  Going to run new ignition wiring for the El Mirage meet in May,  Hoping to run in the 130’s.  The tech guys really liked it and took lots of pictures.”   

Christian’s classic racer with JS long rods, JS2 cam, bsa lifters and one piece Beehive springs.  “The power is impressive.”

Gary Thwaites Dave Watson JS 1007

“At the CRMC Croft event May 7, 2016 and the Sunday June 19, 2016 Bob Mcintyre event, Gary won all six races in his class and made fastest laps in Classic.” Dave Watson (owner).  Gary Thwaites above tucked in and leading at Pembery. Gary won all seven national 1300cc classic races for the 2012 UK championship on Dave Watson’s 1007cc Seeley with JSM Motorsport lightweight pistons, longer rods and stage 3 cam kit with lightweight radiused lifters. “The engine is much smoother and power up…we are well happy with the bike and all your gear that is inside the engine…Gary rode the big Norton in two CRMC meetings in 2013 at Cadwell Park and Donington and won all his five races.” Gordon Humphreys (tuner).

This motor has over 40 races on it with the same JSM parts (the rings were replaced).  “Good day at Aintree, didn’t get out in qualifier on Norton due to a broken wire but won the final from back of grid…” Dave Watson.

Photo of David Blanken's motorcycle

David Blankens immaculate 750 with lightweight JSM pistons/conrods. “Thank you Jim for all your help… the bike is running awesome and sounds great, and very pleased with your Norton products. Cheers” Dave from Australia

Photo of Maria Costello

Maria Costello winning races in Bears class at Daytona and Barber 2011 on the Dan Rose 750 Seeley with JSM lightweight pistons, longer rods, stage 2 radius cam with lightweight lifters and beehive valve springs. This is one of the fastest long stroke 750s on the tracks. Photo courtesy of Lisa Theobald.

Michaels prefect 850 with Lightweight pistons and longer rods, JS0 cam kit, Beehive valve spring kit and Keihin CR33mm carbs. “bike runs fantastic”.

Photo of Douglas MacRae-Barber

Doug MacRae scores a couple wins at Mid Ohio in July 2015 on his short stroke with JSM lightweight domed pistons, Longer Carrillo short stroke rods, JS2 radius cam, beehive valve springs. Other trick componets include FA bathub combustion chamber designed by Herb Becker, 5 speed Nourish/Triumph gearbox.

Click HERE to view the onboard video.

Here’s Randy again Racing Superbike Class at VRRA Mosport 2018

Click HERE to view the onboard video.

Photo of Randy Johnson record holder

Randy Johnson’s land speed record breaker for SCTA 750cc production pushrod motors on gasoline (126mph at Bonneville in 2012 with a best one way speed of 128 mph). This bike has all the JSM goodies including Ultra high compression domed lightweight pistons, gapless rings, longer rods, stage 2 cam with lightweight lifters, beehive valve springs and black diamond valves. “The engine really wants to run, it picked up 9 mph between the 2 and 3 mile traps… Thanks for the great parts and the advice.  It’s a great motor,” Randy. (Builder is Steve Adkins at Preservation Cycle).

Photo of Giacomo Cavecchi

Proud owner Giacomo Cavecchi, from Italy, with his beautiful 850 Commando running JS Motorsport lightweight pistons & rods.

Stan Keys laying it over

Stan Keys winning the AHRMA Bears Championship in 2017 with complete JS2 smoothramp cam kit.

Photo of Herbert Toscany's motorcycle

The first bike to win a race with our lightweight pistons & longer rods. Owner Herbert Toscany

Photo of Nigel Waring's motorcycle

Lightweight JSM 920cc pistons with longer rods, JS stage 1 cam, Beehive spring and valve kit. “The bike is now SO smooth everywhere, I am really surprised…before it felt agricultural/Harley-ish… it now feels tight and zippy, finely honed, almost modern in some ways. Hard to explain really, but good!” Nigel Waring

Photo of Herberts Seeley's motorcycle

I am going into my 4th season of racing with 2 bikes that use your long rods and short pistons. I have not opened any of the engines again since the rebuild with your parts 4 years ago.  Everything is still going strong. No need for replacement or service. I am totally satisfied. Herbert Toscany


Constanine’s 750 racer with JS lightweight pistons, gapless rings, longer rods, JS 1 cam kit with lightweight lifters, Beehive spring and valve kit, reed valve breather, 33mm Keihin CRS smoothbore carbs, silicone gaskets. “It is so friendly and rideable with a nice torque curve.” 

Photo of Norman's motorcycle

“Jim, just a quick note of thanks. Took the Seeley Norton racing this weekend (April 2010). The balance was absolutely spot on just fitting your pistons and rods. The motor starts well and pulls like a train all the way up the revs with no perceptible vibes. It was a real boneshaker before! I’ve had folks wanting to know what has been done to the motor to make it so smooth and tractable. Thanks again Jim.” Norman (Scotland UK).

Photo of Jesse Seary's motorcycle

“After a shake down at Pacific Raceway in Seattle I got the bike down to Willow Springs for the AHRMA Nationals (May 2010). Took 2nd in the Bears class. Vibration was not a factor (JSM pistons & rods), and the bike pulled strong, with a noticeable increase in power (stage 2 cam kit & lightweight lifters). I’m pleased thus far.” Jesse Seary (British Columbia Canada)

Photo of Willow Springs Raceway

Here’s where the lightweight pistons started – Jim Schmidt at Willow Springs raceway in the mid 1980s. Pushing his Norton monoshock 850 to the max.

Jim Schmidts monoshock space frame as in the action photo above but naked without fairing

Photo of Dan Rose Seeley Racer

The Dan Rose 750 Seeley racer full of JSM components – lightweight pistons, longer rods, .003 head gasket ring, stage 2 radius cam with lightweight lifters and beehive valve springs. Won its class at Daytona in 2011.

Photo of Mike V flat tracker2

Jordan Baber riding Kelly George’s successful 750 flattracker with lightweight JSM pistons/conrods and JS stage 2 cam.

Photo of Lucas Bike

“On the track with my Seeley Norton with JSM pistons and conrods inside. Very good engine, very powerful on the mid range. I left a lot of other Nortons behind on the straights and out of turns.” Lucas

Photo of Ians Norton

Enjoying his first ride down the Australian coastline after installing the smooth running lightweight pistons & longer rods – Ian Palmer.

Photo of Fred's Seeley

920cc Seeley with JSM lightweight pistons, longer bushless rods, stage 2 cam, lightweight lifters.
In 2010 it tied exactly with the 1000cc pushrod fuel, unstreamlined, Bonneville land speed record.
In 2011 it achieved 155+ HP at the crankshaft on Nitrous.
“Jim, I’m really impressed with your products, it runs SO MUCH SMOOTHER with the lightweight pistons.” Fred Eiker

Photo of Petter Olden's Bike

“Hi Jim, I’ve finished my bike and it runs and sounds great. Your camshaft and lightweight lifters seem to make the bike feel different in a very good way. It has less vibrations and is quieter somehow. It feels like it has more accurate combustion too, I suppose this is due to the curved lifters. Thank you for selling me the kit. I am so pleased with it I put your stickers on the sidepanels.” Petter Olden

Photo of Jim Schmidt's Atlas

Jim Schmidts wideline Atlas test bike with lightweight pistons, JS 0 cam kit, JSM carbs, Beehive springs, Hunt magneto and all the rest of our trick components. Good for roll on wheelies and 80mph cruize (4:1 gearing). Less than 1% leakdown with 40,000 miles on the rings and pistons.

Photo of Jim Cossin's Bike

“The slower piston speed (at TDC) combined with the light weight certainly makes for a lot less stress and vibration”, Jim Cossin’s (AKA Commando Garden) is enjoying his 750 with JS lightweight pistons, longer rods and gapless rings. Crank rebalanced to 58%.

Photo of Paul Cloughlan

Paul Coughlan’s race 850 Commando in Australia with lightweight pistons/longer rods, JS stage 2 lightweight lifter cam kit, beehive valve springs.

Photo of Billy Joel's Bike

Stunning featherbed 850 owned by celebrity song writer Billy Joel. Sporting JSM carbs.

Photo of Michael Mackin's Bike

Canadian Michael Mackin’s ’69 Commando, restored to perfection by Garrie Cook, complete with JS Motorsport pistons/rods. “Runs very smooth and quiet”.

bruno's norton

Bruno Waltersbacher’s 850 Seeley racer with JS lightweight HI comp pistons, longer rods, JS1 cam kit. Dynoed at 78 HP.
See a dyno run of early version of the motor HERE.

Lars Norton

Lars Poulsen’s race ready Commando with JSM lightweight pistons and longer rods

Brad Baird's Norton

“Jim, here’s the pic of the long awaited finished bike.  Steve [big D cycle] said it’s the smoothest 850 he’s ridden.  It surprised Keith [big D cycle] when it did 60HP between five and six and a half grand at the rear wheel on the dyno and at 5K sounded like it shifted into a higher gear or someone turned on the nitrous!  Thank’s for all the good products.”  [JS lightweight pistons, longer rods, JSM carbs, stage one cam & lightweight lifters, beehive valve springs] Brad Baird

Ralph Coldwell's Norton bike

Ralph Coldwells 850 with lightweight JSM pistons/conrods and JSM carbs.

Mike Hamilton’s 850 with lightweight JS pistons/conrods, JS Stage 2 radius cam kit, beehive spring & valve kit, turkite bushings, 63% crank balance. Showns 74 HP on the dyno.

Metge racer

Stuart Metge’s 500 dominator with ultralight JSM domed pistons/conrods, Stage 1 radius cam kit, beehive spring & valve kit. SS 650 head. Revvs freely to 8000RPM

Victors 920

Victor Vassella’s 920 featherbed with lightweight JS pistons/longer conrods, 130+ on the straights

Yves 850B

Yves Van Heer’s perfect 850 Seely with JS lightweight pistons/longer rods, gapless rings, JS2 cam with lightweight lifters and custom billet 23 lb crank balanced at 65%. “The engine is working great, without vibes and when you reach 5.000 rpm you go amazingly fast to 6.500 rpm (62 BHP/5900 RPM at rear wheel). When I am on roads and I stay between 5.000 and 6.500 and go down or up in the gears at every turn it is a song of joy… The lightweight lifters and valves springs are also top of the game. I dont touch the engine since 10,000 kms and this never happends before. And believe me, I ride hard” Great work Jim

Garth Francis

One of the fastest period roadracers in Australia with JS long rods and special lightweight 850cc 14:1 C.R. domed pistons for Methanol. JS big valves and Beehive springs. JS3 cam with lightweight lifters. 80+ HP, 140+ MPH, Does 11+ sec in the 1/4 mile. Classic unlimited champion in 2017. Proud owner/rider – Garth Francis.

Garth's sidecar

Side car belonging to Australian Garth Francis using JSM long rods and 850cc lightweight domed pistons on methanol.

per H

Swedish racer Per Holmstrom on his 750 with bathtub combustion chambers, JSM high C.R. pistons/longer rods, beehive spring & valve kit, JS stage 3 cam.


German racer Bern Schaefer on his 850 with JSM high C.R. pistons/longer rods, beehive spring & valve kit, JS stage 2 cam. Motor revvs to an amazing 8400 RPM producing 75 HP using 33mm keihin CRS carbs.

Bruno P

French racer Bruno Perlinski on his 750 short stroke with lightweight JSM domed pistons/longer rods, stage 3 cam, Beehive valve springs, rocker spindle covers

Perlinski Steve & Bruno's bikes

Perlinski’s row of Seeleys. The bike in the foreground uses a 270 deg crank with JSM internals and is winning races in France with Steve and Bruno Perlinsky riding.

1st roadracer

I placed 2nd in 1984 at the Laguna Seca 750 BOTT AMA National with this 750 slimline featherbed. Long homemade 35mm Guilotine slide carbs, Very fast. Fred Eiker and I traded 1st place every lap at this race. These were the days when we first started dragging our knees.


Mark Gunning’s better than new 850 with CRS 33mm carburators.

Dennis Donahoe

Dennis Donahoe, winner of the 2015 pacific coast championship. This extraordinary Norton was built in 2010 and has 40 race events on the lightweight pistons/longer rods & JS2 cam. “The motor has had no issues and is still running strong”.

Rods Nort

Custom Commando racer I built for Rod Hurick in the 1980s. Box swingarm with eccentrics, Alloy oil tank, alloy engine cradle, Motor built to Axtell specs.

Ken Canaga’s mono shock 920 (JS space frame). With Rob Tuluie riding it was the last Norton to get on the AMA podium. 3rd place in Pro Twins GP2 at Willow Springs against a field of monoshock aircooled Ducatis in 1990.

John P

John Puhakka in Finland on his 750 Featherbed with JS lightweight domed pistons/longer rods, JS stage 2 cam, Beehive valve springs and big valves, Turcite fork bushings

Brian 500

Brian Coopers 8500RPM short stroke 500 domni with JS2 cam kit and beehive springs. “with your parts fitted for this years classic TT the bike flew with no problems”.

Michael Panayi featherbed

Michael Panayi’s featherbed from down under. “I currently have 2 race engines (750 & 920) that have your pistons and rods which have been winning plenty of races.”

Herb & Andy LSR

Andy’s 750 shortstroke land speed racer with JS domed pistons and longer rods. JS2 cam, A solid 75 HP on the dyno. Herb Becker (tuner) on left.

Andy & Herb 3

Andy’s land speed racer with fully developed 95 HP 920cc motor. It achieved an amazing 154mph on the Bonneville salt flats in 2018 with JS light weight pistons and longer rods. The fastest unstreamlined, naturally aspirated gas powered Norton on the planet. Tuned by Herb Becker

Robert Hood sidecar

Robert Hood and passenger Mark Thompson won the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register (NZMCRR) Post Classic Sidecar Championship in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Lightweight 920cc JSM pistons and longer rods. Maney cases and Barrels. One piece crank by Graham Martin in NZ. 36 mm Dellorto’s. 11.5:1 compression on methanol. 70 ft lbs torque and 80 BHP at the back wheel. 97 races and counting on the same lightweight pistons and rings.

Les Clark

Les Clark’s Seeley with JSM 33mm CRS Smoothbore carbs. “Pulls like a train.”

Leon 2

“Hi Jim, I’m finally sending you those promised pics of my ’64 Atlas. She’s done 7,000 Km now. The engine has your lightweight pistons, Carrillo rods and complete Stage 1 cam kit. What can I say, the engine is unbelievable, makes the bike a joy to ride, and gives the later model Trumpy twins a serious run for the money.”

Atlas Tom Burton

“I’ve got a 750 Atlas with your long rods and lightweight pistons installed and your recommended balance factor.  Having undertaken a complete restoration on the bike…and am very happy with the vibration levels.” Tom


Redento’s perfectly restored 750 with JSM lightweight pistons/rods and Beehive valve spring kit. “The bike is working very well, very little vibration. Compliments, I am very satisfied.”

Gareth B

“Hi Jim , I have just finished rebuilding my 71 Commando. We used your lightweight pistons, rods, lifters, street cam, beehive spring/valve kit and a set of your Keihin carbs. It starts first kick and idles well, those carbs are great.” Gareth

Dave Brindle Rickman3

Dave’s Rickman sporting JSM 33mm Keihin CRS smoothbore carbs.

Jan B N15

Jan’s 850cc powered N15 with JSM lightweight pistons and longer rods running “very smooth”.

hot combat

Hot Combat with JSM performance parts and Gorgeous adornments.

Redentos Bonnie

Redento’s Bonnie with JSM Lightweight bushless Carrillo rods, DLC pins and stock pistons. Rod weight is the same so rebalancing is unnecessary

John Pitcher's 650

John Pitchers 650 SS Domni racer with JSM Hi. CR. lightweight domed pistons, longer ultralight rods, JS2 cam kit and CRS Keihin carb kit.

Roger M 500 2

Roger’s 57hp 500cc in Canada with JS2 smoothramp cam kit. “Ran great all season and won every race in the 500 period 1 class… It seems happy to rev to 9000 rpm.”

Steve Adlem 2

Steve Adlem on his shortstroke with JSM bushless rods, high C.R. pistons, Beehive springs and black diamond valves.

Hannu's 920

920cc Featherbed with JS2 270 deg cam.

Ian Salter

Ian Salters sidecar racers with JSM lightweight pistons, total seal rings, longer rods, JS3 smoothramp cam, big valves, beehive springs, .003″ thick ring headgasket, etc.

Mats Hall

Mats Hall’s shortstroke taking 1st place in the Swedish cup formula 750 in 2017 with graphite coated JSM lightweight pistons and longer rods, custom cam with JS2 exhaust and JS3 intake lobes.  Dynoed with 80 HP at the rear wheel.

Pierre’s immaculate Seeley with JSM lightweight pistons and longer rods, JS2 cam kit with light weight lifters, Beehive springs & valves, fiberglass reinforced silicone gaskets.

Lyndsay’s 500 Dominator with JS2 cam kit and Beehive valve springs.

Click HERE to view the onboard video.

Mike Hardings immaculate 85HP 920cc Peter Williams replica with lightweight pistons, longer rods and JS2 smoothramp cam. Twice over revved to 10,000 RPM due to clutch problem with no ill effects. Photos by Tony Else.
See a him wheelie off the starting line HERE.

Ralph Coldwell’s polished 75 HP 920cc Seeley with lightweight pistons, longer rods and JS2 cam.

Rainier’s 750 Bonneville LSR with lightweight pistons, longer rods, JS3 cam, big valves with Beehive springs and forced air induction putting out an amazing 85 HP on the dyno

Steve’s 920 with JS lightweight High Compression pistons, longer rods, JS1 cam kit with lightweight lifters, JS Beehive springs.

Wade’s 920cc featherbed in Finland with JS lightweight High Compression graphite coated pistons and longer rods.

Jeff’s Cruiser punched out to 920cc with JS lightweight pistons, longer rods, JS0 cam kit and beehive spring & valve kit.