Keihin Smoothbore carbs

Good looks and high quality make Keihin 33mm CRS smoothbore round slides the ideal Norton carb kit. Legal for AHMRA Bears and F750 classic racing. Unique custom made cable wheel and mounts make it possible for these to fit Commando frames & fuel tanks. Pre-jetted. These twin carbs are mechanically linked together so they come pre-sychronsized. Balance tube included.

Special custom length manifolds give plenty of frame clearance (see manifolds below). Easy access choke lever operates both carbs. 

Customer feedback: “…everything fitted up well. Started instantly with little choke and quickly settled into an idle which I have not touched !… these dual Keihins are awesome, they run strong and clean with no jetting changes required, super happy with this set up.”  Richard V.




Smooth bore carbs in Commando frames

Smooth Bore of carbs with straight manifolds in Featherbed frame and provided manifolds


Smooth Bore of carbs with in Seeley frame

Smooth Bore of carb at wide open throttle is optimum for max HP

Options include airfilter and plumbing kit below.

Plug color with tuned Keihin carbs

Curved manifolds with balance tubes for tilted engines

Alternative straight manifolds with balance tubes for vertical engines