Complete damper upgrade kit for Norton Roadholder forks. Also see aluminum sleeves and slippery bushings.


Upgrade your Roadholder forks to a higher level with  tighter clearance components for improved damping.   Featuring high quality Ampco 15 bronze damper caps (28 T. P. I.) for longer life and a close fit with the damper rod.  The steel damper cup valves are a larger diameter than stock and provide significantly improved rebound damping.   Washers with Viton O-rings replace the fiber washer at the bottom of the damper tube in the fork slider to eliminate oil leaks.  Smaller washers with Viton O-rings replace the fiber washer at the fork slider drain plug to eliminate oil seepage.  These components along with JS slippery fork bushings and aluminum sleeves give you an excellent smooth ride without bottoming or top out.  A complete drop in kit for top quality performance at an unbeatable price (more info) (see video). 

Pre-Commandos (Atlas and Domnis etc) have caps with a different 26 T.P.I.  So for those models brass sleeves will be substitited for the bronze damper caps when you choose the Atlas/Domni option in your order. Install the brass sleeves in your original aluminum damper caps. If you send me your Atlas/Domni aluminum caps I’ll install the brass sleeves for you (more info for domni dampers).  Dominators and other early Nortons may need to change to Commando fork drain screws to accept the small Oring.

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