JS Motorsport – The fastest 750 pushrod production bike at Bonneville

Randy Johnson record holder


Randy Johnson’s land speed record breaker for SCTA 750cc production pushrod motors on gasoline (126mph at Bonneville in 2012 with a best one way speed of 128 mph). This bike has all the JS goodies including Ultra high compression domed lightweight pistons, gapless rings, longer rods, stage 2 cam with lightweight lifters, beehive valve springs and black diamond valves. “The engine really wants to run, it picked up 9 mph between the 2 and 3 mile traps… Thanks for the great parts and the advice.  It’s a great motor,” Randy. (Builder is Steve Adkins at Preservation Cycle). The amazing thing is that when Randy isn’t running at full throttle on the salt flats, he removes the number plates and uses the same bike on the street for transportation.