Lightweight Matchless 90mm piston and Carrillo rod. Click image for more info. Contact us for pricing and availablity.

The lightest piston available for your G50.  Reduces stress/vibration while increasing RPM limit, torque and peak HP.   Use with our longer bushless Carrillo rods and DLC coated pin. The bushless rod saves approx 40 grams on the vibrating small end allowing a 100 gram total weight savings (includind big end) compared to an ordinary steel rod. For 90 mm bore x 78mm stroke with either nikasil lined or iron lined cylinder.  Approx 12:1 CR.  Special piston coating allows for tight clearances. Bare piston weight is approx 350 grams and 450 grams complete with rings pin compared to 550 grams for a complete ordinary race piston.  That’s a total of 140 gram reciprocating weight savings including the small rod end.  The rod in photo is for shell bearings (recommended).  Needle roller rod is also available.  A drop in race tested kit.  Contact us for pricing (see dyno chart).

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