High performance Black Diamond valve & Beehive spring kit for stock street or racing


A drop in kit with no machining necessary. Out-performs others because these springs are approx 1/2 the weight of dual springs and that raises your RPM limit and takes stress & heat off your motor. Cam flex is reduced and saved HP goes to the rear wheel. The conical shape eliminates the need for an inner spring and allows for a smaller lighter retainer. Longer spring length gives you a better linear rate than shorter springs. Includes black diamond valves, custom machined stellite tips, beehive springs, titanium spring retainers, spring seats and spring balancing shims. Thicker bottom washers (.065″ or .1″) are available on request if the shoulder of the guide is too short for the amount of shims you are using.  Dominator and  big valves available on special order (more info).

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