Sump reed valve breather


Replace your sump plug with this one way reed valve breather to reduce oil leaks and pump out excess wet sump oil on start up.  Route oil hose to the oil tank. Fits all Norton Twins with a large screened sump plug (see pre 71 Commando version with crossover tube).  Simple and compact with shallow depth.  Uses high quality BMW reed.  Adustable so the hose barb points rearward.  Plugs are provided to blank off the 750 left side cam vent or the 850 timing side vent.  Requires a 1-3/4″ socket or wrench for installation. Comes in three styles (more info):

  1. Tall snorkel tube for all vertical framed motors and motors without the oil dam near the sump plug (Domni’s, 750s and aftermarket cases).
  2. Short snorkel tube for tilted 850s with the internal oil dam near the sump plug hole.
  3. Mk3 with 3/8″ or 1/2″ hose barb.

Any case without the oil dam or with the dam removed should use the prefered tall snorkel tube.


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